Reeve Coobs

Reeve Coobs – Charlotte, NC.. “WOW!”  Every now and then you come across a diamond in the rough just waiting to be polished.  Reeve Coobs is that diamond.  Not only does she shine but she has yet to reach her full luster.  Her voice is smooth and substantial.  Her lyrics are rich in emotion and heavy with truth.  Her lyrical style of writing and thoughtful arrangements, coupled with her effortless nature of singing creates a recipe that can only lead to successful career in music.

Many bloggers compare new talent to megastars of the past or present day icons, but Coob’s songwriting style is all her own.  She brings a level of originality to the folk music genre, blending folk, pop, country and rock in a way that few artist have risen to.  In 2005 Reeve won the Creative Loafing of Charlotte Reader’s Pick Award of Best Female Vocalist and after hearing he music you can see why.

Her debut album, “What Love is All About”, was released in November of last year after nine years in the making.  These 14 tracks express a full range of emotions covering playfulness, loss, happiness, self-doubt, depression, love and regret.  In a WGWG interview on Soundcloud, Coobs said she always wanted to be known as a songwriter rather than a singer.  Whether she’s know for her singing and or songwriting, this gem has already been discovered by many loyal followers.

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