Based in Baltimore Md., Crab Cakes and Lemonade(CC&L) is a music blogazine that brings light to those talented over looked artist standing at the door of opportunity.  Created in 2013, CC&L seeks to present artists that may or may not necessarily fit the mold or conform to what the music industry would qualify as star material.  We do our best to look beyond the surface so that we can provide readers with insightful coverage of new artist*, performance venues, and related news and events happening along the east coast.  We look for ordinary people in ordinary places with extra ordinary talent.  Our goal is to promote the kinds of music that we feel contributes to the development of a healthier community in a rapidly changing industry.  Our intention is to create strong positive connections between artists and readers by providing clear, direct access to what we feel is just plan ole’ good music.  So, if you feel the need to reach out to one of the artists you see on this site feel free to do so, I’m sure they would love to hear from you.



If you are a photographer or designer with ownership of an image please let us know so that we might credit you on the site.


*We define a new artist as someone who has never had a record deal or has signed but never sold more than 100,000 units or was once successful but has lost their following and is having difficulty in finding a record deal.