Jordan Eastman

February 22, 2014 Dave Hawkins 0

Born and raised in central Florida, Eastman began playing piano and writing music at an early age.  As a result of his unceasing passion for […]

Reeve Coobs

February 20, 2014 Dave Hawkins 0

Reeve Coobs – Charlotte, NC.. “WOW!”  Every now and then you come across a diamond in the rough just waiting to be polished.  Reeve Coobs […]

McClain Sullivan

January 14, 2014 Dave Hawkins 0

McClain Sullivan, a versatile singer-songwriter from Seattle, WA, now living in Brooklyn, NY has developed a constantly evolving sound.  A few months ago, I reviewed […]

Brighter The Moon

November 4, 2013 Dave Hawkins 0

Brighter The Moon – Richmond, Va..  While at the barber shop a few weeks ago I happened to strike up a conversation with a customer […]


October 27, 2013 Dave Hawkins 1

Aandra (aka Alexandra Hampton) is the kind composer that has the uncanny ability to create the kind of music that moves both the body and […]

Fuzz and Mac

September 16, 2013 Dave Hawkins 0

Fuzz Jaxx and McClain Sullivan, Down-Tempo/Hip Hop/Neo-Soul/Rock/, Brooklyn, NY. This is why I like doing what I do.  I spend a lot of time on […]